Added $15 Million incremental margin for a Leading Department Chain through intelligent buying avoiding reactive clearance


BuySmart V3.0, is an intelligent A.I. powered assortment planning application that optimizes assortment by accurately predicting demand patterns for the upcoming season — resulting in lesser excess overbuys, deep discounts/markdowns, reactive clearance and/or inventory stockouts. This leads to the realization of higher sell-through driving greater margin for the retailers. Its advanced store grouping enables planning offices to create a curated assortment for similar stores. BuySmart is easy to use, has an intuitive workflow and generates customized reports/dashboards that help to make the process seamless and efficient.

Key Features

Accurate budget planning and demand forecasting

New age similarity matching across hierarchies and SKUs

Optimization to assess the risk of over-stocking/ lost sales

Key Benefits

One-Click Transformations

Transformation from legacy spreadsheets to one-click applications

Right Buyers. Smart Investors

Aid buyers to select right style/color

Predictive AI-Selling

Latest AI techniques to predict best selling products

Eliminate toxic promotions.

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