Automating The Allocation Process

Advanced prediction techniques that ensure the right product at the right store at the right time.

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AllocateSmart Advantage

Optimized inventory by leveraging predictive analytics for the greatest accuracy on what, when and where to push allocations. Highly automatable through leveraging machine learning models with the ability to push 100 allocations in under 15 minutes.

Inventory Optimization

Margin Dollar Growth

Cut inventory costs, decrease markdowns and increase margin dollars through precision and optimization.


AI-based algorithms result in highly accurate forecasting at the most granular level, improving ROI on inventory investment.

Improved efficiency

Reduced product allocation time that helps shift focus to deriving insights and making real time decisions.

Key Features

We maximize the potential of our users by automating repetitive calculations, leveraging machine learning to identify patterns.

Early Warning System

Drive proactive decisions and avoid stock-outs or excess inventory scenarios.

Simulate Multiple Strategies

Ability to choose between various strategies to finalize the allocation.

Localised Sized Curves

Store specific size curves for higher accuracy of store SKU-demands.

Robust Prediction Engine

Advanced ML models to accurately predict APS, sell through and capture business nuances

See AllocateSmart in action

Discover how our AllocateSmart clients have improved their inventory turnover and reduced markdowns with automated allocation strategies and +90% accurate demand forecasts.

Markdown Optimization

Here's why our clients trust us

With all the forecasts broken due to the pandemic, it became so difficult for us to predict the demand and manage inventory effectively. With AllocateSmart, we were able to predict the right demand and allocate the right items at the right place.

VP Merchandising, Grocery Retailer

AllocateSmart has helped us position our merchandise to a greater extent, reduced surplus inventory, and automated our entire allocation process which has saved a lot of time for us.

Head, Merchandising and Planning,Leading Department Chain

Our assortment consists of several high-priced items that see heavy seasonal spikes in sales. Impact Analytics helped us tackle our inventory imbalance issue. Our lost sales have seen a huge dip. You guys rock!

Head of Merchandisingat a Jewelry Retailer

We have always struggled with maintaining optimal in-stock levels for products with long tail demand. Not any more, thanks to AllocateSmart.

SVP, Omni-channel planningat a Footwear Retailer

Driving ROI through

AI Powered Insights

We are led by a team with deep industry expertise . We believe in “Better decisions with AI” as the center of our products and philosophy, and leveraging this to empower your organization

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