AI-powered image recognition delivers the best retail shelf monitoring

Your planograms are only as good as your execution. Our industry-leading AI-driven image recognition reveals what’s happening in the racks so you can optimize operations.  Drive optimum sales with our next-gen real-time retail shelf-monitoring platform.

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RackSmart Advantage

RackSmart is a revolutionary retail shelf monitoring software that digitizes retail shelves and generates insights with a smartphone-based, image processing app. It generates real-time recommendations for shifts in your operations, and for sales offers, with optimum forecasting accuracy that reduces your trade promotion costs.

Retail Shelf Monitoring
Retail Shelf Monitoring


Our app allows you to scan any product in your retail environment with a smartphone camera and get instant information about it – price, size, availability in other stores. You can also create sales reports based on our rich data analytics tools through easy integration.

Balanced Inventory at Stores

Enable sales reps to scan retail racks and get real-time inventory status and avoid stock-outs of high-demand products.

Benchmark Against Competition

This retail shelf monitoring tool provides actionable insights on competitors’ presence on shelves which allows users to understand what’s driving their performance versus competitors within a specific category or location along with reliable recommendations on competitive positioning on shelves.

Boost On-Field Productivity

Quickly understand store-level actions and reduce field reps' audit duration, accelerating field productivity.

RackSmart Features

Traditional retail shelf-monitoring solutions are too expensive, inflexible, and slow to react. This results in a lack of visibility into your inventory leading to lost revenue. Across Sales, Category Management, or Supply Chain and Operations, RackSmart offers real-time analytics for any retail store location or warehouse that allows you to predict sales based on the movement of your stock so you can optimize operations and increase profits.

Automate Planogram Audits

Use our retail shelf-monitoring solution to automatically analyze the store-level execution of your retail planograms and compare it against pre-defined benchmarks. It will identify any deviations from planned items or incorrect SKU/Category placements across all categories at each location in no time!

Eagle-eyed detection

Computer-vision-based RackSmart automatically detects product assortment, providing real-time insights on shelf positioning and out-of-stock items through its mobile app for retailers.

Rich insights and ascendant sales

An AI-powered retail shelf monitoring system that automatically collects real-time information about items on your shelves to improve item availability, eliminate price inaccuracies, and drive optimum sales – all with customized dashboards and reports based on the retailers’ unique needs.

RackSmart implements quickly for prompt, lasting results


Sample current field audits to understand which elements you track today and what is important to your team. Scan products and shelves to establish baseline


Train our ML and AI tools to convert shelf scans into crisp rack reporting including real-time inventory status and disposition


Instant alerts for any incorrect SKU/Category placements or changes in planned items or across all categories in every level


Push tool to sales reps and field teams and start benefiting immediately through real-time insights into retail shelves in every channel

IA’s smart AI-powered predictive analytics benefitting retailers in


Reduction in time for
calculating share of shelf


Measurement of
planogram adherence


Increase in accuracy
of calculation


Improvement in efficiency

See RackSmart in action

Learn how RackSmart is helping our clients understand how their products look, perform and compete on the shelf and eliminate stock outs, resulting in savings of over $10 Mn annually.


Here's why our clients trust us

RackSmart has been extremely helpful for our field audits. This has made the audit process so much simpler and effective for sales reps.

National Sales Head,
Global CPG Player

We were able to boost the on-field productivity because of RackSmart. The cumbersome and time-consuming data collection process is now as easy as clicking pictures.

Field Sales Manager,
Leading CPG House of Brands

We get real-time insights now about our on-shelf inventory because of RackSmart. The early warning triggers of out-of-stock inventory have made us proactive in managing our stock on the shelf, reducing the out-of-stock situations.

Head of Department,
Supply Chain, Global CPG Player

Without RackSmart we wouldn’t have understood our on-shelf placement or stock outs. The early warning system and the real time share of shelf information saved us more than $12Mn in lost sales annually.

Planning and Merchandising Head,
Leading House of Global CPG Brands

Industry that can benefit from RackSmart

Ensure accurate shelf planogramming at a granular level for every location and channel.


Get real-time insights into your retail shelves and ensure accurately stocked shelves for maximum customer engagement and product desirability.


Unravel in-depth information on the latest trends in the market, technology, and how your peers are solving their biggest shelf planning challenges using IA’s advanced planogramming solutions.

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Optimize retail store operations with powerful retail shelf monitoring solution

Our real-time retail shelf monitoring technology reveals what’s happening in your store right now so you can optimize operations!
Using our mobile app or web dashboard retailers have access to their entire store and can identify issues as they arise. Our data also allows for better business decisions such as identifying trends across similar products or comparing sales performance against industry benchmarks at any time.

Retail Shelf Monitoring

Driving ROI through

AI Powered Insights

We are led by a team with deep industry expertise . We believe in “Better decisions with AI” as the center of our products and philosophy, and leveraging this to empower your organization

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