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Turn your data into actionable insights and drive ROI, with our cutting-edge data science-based solutions that are built for end-to-end margin maximisation supply chain optimization.

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Emerging challenging themes across industries

One of the key challenges across industries has been to match up with the changing customer preferences. To effectively overcome this, we have built the best-in-class decision systems powered by artificial intelligence, for our users to derive true business impact.


Powerful systems for end-to-end pricing, promotions & merchandising decisions.


Drive profitability with AI-led merchandising, optimized promotions and markdowns.


Ensure the right price, product and placement for the consumer.


Process humongous data sets to optimize pricing and promotions across channels.


Sharp and accurate forecasting to ensure right pricing and availability

Food Retail

Understand true customer demand to improve service and avoid churn


Deliver unique experiences to customers, by understanding their behavior


AI-led accurate demand estimation and reduction of manufacturing costs

Our Capabilities

One size DOES NOT fit all. We believe in an agile working model, to service our customers’ evolving needs and give them the ability to serve their consumers better


Smarter Business Decisions

Leverage advanced analytics by unlocking the power of AI with your data, to make better and informed decisions

A Icons Benefits Future

Future-proof your Business

Proprietary technology using superior ensemble of algorithms, lets you adapt to changing conditions effortlessly and drive revenue

Icons Benefits

Understand your Customers

Insights on your customer’s demand made possible with cutting edge AI, empowers you to quickly identify trends and react in real-time

Driving ROI through

AI Powered Insights

We are led by a team with deep industry and AI expertise . Our philosophy around products and decision making is that we can arrive at “Better decisions with AI” . We leverage this core belief to deliver products that empower our customers.

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