Automated retail space planning software

Optimize allocation decisions across floor plans and shelf space, to deliver customer-centric, space-aware planograms and assortments.

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SpaceSmart Advantage

Minimize manual effort and ensure high accuracy in retail space planning, and retail floor planning, through automated and localized space plans and planograms. Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver better space planning outcomes, and improved top and bottom-line results for your business.

Retail Space Planning

Planogram Optimization

Create and evaluate scenarios for making assortment changes at store/cluster levels, with cutting-edge visual merchandising powered by AI.

Reduce Operational Costs

Ensure direct-to-shelf replenishment, and reduce storage costs through localized replenishment and real-time planogram recommendations.

Prevent Stockouts

Analyze your floor plan and adjust product assortments effectively based on your store space. Prevent overstocking or stock-out events with our advanced demand forecasting technology and retail space planning software.

SpaceSmart Features

We maximize the potential of our users by automating repetitive calculations, leveraging machine learning to identify patterns.

Store-Specific Planograms

Curate store-specific planograms based on localized store size and demand. Generate accurate floor plans for granular store-level macro & micro planning to drive higher productivity per selling sq. ft.

Space Elasticity Analysis

Enable assortment tier and clustering for identification of similar stores and assess the impact of space change on store performance (at tier-cluster level).

Assortment Performance Reports

Leverage easy-to-generate micro performance reports at a store-SKU level. Customize reporting for your needs with our edge-aware retail space planning software.

Affinity and Adjacency analysis

Best-in-class visual merchandising system to guide assortment efforts by automatically reviewing, analyzing, and providing AI/ML-based recommendations for localized floor plans.

KVC/KVI Analysis

Identify key value categories and items that must be prioritized for placement in stores, for maximizing selling floor space performance.

Easy Integration for Effective Collaboration

Seamless integration with allocation and assortment systems for demand-driven category and assortment management, and easy collaboration between stakeholders.

SpaceSmart implements quickly for prompt, lasting results


Craft and analyze scenarios for enabling assortment changes at store/cluster levels, with edge-aware visual merchandising powered by AI and ML


Enable direct-to-shelf replenishment, reduce storage costs through localized replenishment, and get real-time planogram insights based on local customer behaviors


Ensure assortment tier and clustering are delivering to gain a competitive edge; and assess the impact of space change on overall store performance at every level.


Deliver accurate floor plans for granular store-level macro & micro planning to ensure improved product allocation per selling sq. ft

IA’s smart AI-powered predictive analytics benefitting retailers in


Increase in

20 – 30%

Reduction in inventory cost


Improvement in
operational efficiency


increase in availability

See SpaceSmart in Action

Explore how our AI-powered retail floor planning software uses data-driven insights to optimize space allocation for retailers around the globe.

Retail Space Planning

Here's why our clients trust us

“IA’s agile and scalable floor planning solution helped us reduce stockouts and get better visibility into our SKU space in such a short time.”

Chief Merchandising officer at a Jewelry Retailer

“We were able to improve our category growth across all stores with SpaceSmart.”

VP Allocation & Planning at a Jewelry Retailer

“SpaceSmart helped us create the best localized experience for customers through tailored planograms.”

Head of Merchandising at an Apparel Retailer

“Whether it’s some new trend, or fluctuations in demand, or assortment modifications, our business is always well prepared to plan for its store spaces because of IA’s intuitive solution.”

VP Merchandising at a Speciality Retailer

Industries that have benefited from SpaceSmart

Embrace cutting-edge automated retail floor planning software that is transforming retailing around the globe.


Create effective planograms that are in sync with shifting customer preferences.


Maximize ROI on your allocated store space to ensure optimal placement of the best-selling products.


Build personalized shopping experiences for customers by ensuring they find the right product at the right time.


Equip yourself with data-driven information on the latest trends in the market, technology, and how your peers are solving their space planning challenges IA’s advanced floor planning solution.

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Retail Space Planning

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