Optimize Category and Brand Performance
with AI-Driven Forecasting

Generate AI-powered insights that drive growth with your retail partners, forecast unpredictable demand to build and maintain proper inventory, and more.

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Impact Analytics analyzes large datasets to provide its OTC clients with actionable business benefits.

Optimized Product Assortment

Ensure optimal store groupings and drive relevant assortment by format, department, and category.

Demand Forecasting & Inventory Managem’t Integration

Get true demand sensing with non-constrained forecasts to recapture lost sales and more.

Trade Promotions

Measure granular trade promotion ROI to best allocate budgets across partners and campaigns.

Rapid Scenario Building

Forecast growth rates and sellouts for various strategies, goals, markets, divisions, etc.

Here's why our clients trust us

A completely tailored solution for forecasting and managing our inventory across stores helped us reduce our capital tied up in slow-moving inventory while also recovering lost sales

SVP Merchandising, Fashion retailer

Impact Analytics truly created rapid impact for us during COVID. Their integrated solution ensured we stocked optimally, and priced right for every location.

VP Planning & Merchandising, Luxury retailer

InventorySmart has helped us position our merchandise to a greater extent, reduced surplus inventory, and automated our entire allocation process which has saved a lot of time for us.

Head, Merchandising and Planning,Leading Department Chain

The Promotion calendar feature of PromoSmart made our promotion planning process much easier, giving us a holistic view of historical, present, and future promotions.

Pricing VP,
Leading Fast Fashion Retailer

Our customers experience


reduction in churn due to improved customer engagement


margin improvement with optimized promo and pricing


reduction in lost sales due to accurate store-SKU level forecasting

Our Capabilities

One size DOES NOT fit all. We believe in an agile working model, to service our customers’ evolving needs and give them the ability to serve their consumers better


Long Term Partnerships

We foster long-term partnerships based on delivering high quality solutions

Deeply Committed

We leverage the best
of minds, experience, and technology

Maximize the Potential

Enable predictive accuracy and data-driven insights and decision-making

Build Powerful Software

Provide leading brands with cutting edge, data science-based solutions

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Driving ROI through

AI Powered Insights

We are led by a team with deep industry expertise . We believe in “Better decisions with AI” as the center of our products and philosophy, and leveraging this to empower your organization

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