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Maximize your return on promotion spending with Impact Analytics TradeSmart™, our next-gen trade promotion management platform. Gain real-time visibility into your promotional spend and optimize your trade promotion performance for enhanced budgeting and forecasting.

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TradeSmart Advantage

An advanced trade promotion management solution to optimize your promotional spending. With our TradeSmart platform, you can track and improve performance on every dollar you deploy.

Trade Promotion Management
Trade Promotion Management

Smarter Trade Investments

Optimize trade investment in minutes and increase your returns on spend by up to 10%+ without increasing spending to drive incremental margin growth.

Align Cross-enterprise promotions

Our analytics dashboard provides an overview of all aspects of performance across multiple campaigns by brand and category for data-driven decision-making with our actionable insights.

End-to-end Intelligent Automation

Achieve over 70% reduction in the time allotted to promotion planning, with performance reporting, forecasting, and trade promotion optimization.

Easy Retail-Partner Negotiation

Analyze past promotional performance at the partner level, and create data-driven trade promotion planning scenarios for increased partner buy-in.

TradeSmart Features

TradeSmart is an easy-to-use trade promotion optimization tool for retailers, manufacturers, and brands to evaluate multiple promotional tactics and generate brand and category-level promotional plans.

Campaign Monitor

Generate demand plan reports and forecast KPIs, right down the actuals for each product line. Access highly interactive analysis of trade promotion management data.

Predict Promotional Outcomes

Powerful trade promotion optimization algorithms that recommend effective trade promotion planning to drive greater ROI throughout the product life cycle.

Master Data Normalization

Customize your master data and normalize across multiple trade systems. Easily set up new promotions and products.

Easy Integration

Obtain optimized trade promotion plans by easily integrating internal and external data systems, as well as excel promo calendars, and other databases.

Multiple Tactic Comparison

Compare multiple scenarios and predict tactic level ROI through our intuitive and easy to use UI.

TradeSmart implements quickly for prompt, lasting results


Ingest current promotions, promotion plans, past promotional performance at the partner level, and overall trade economics. Learn how you approach promotion management, including underlying promotion philosophy and strategy by retailer


Deploy ML models to identify where your trade spend is productive, and where you are wasting your efforts. Overlay AI modeling to develop optimized plans by partner, including demand plan reports, and forecast KPIs by product line


Measure both overall performance and time savings (teams usually end up saving 70% of time allocated to promotion planning)


Roll-out typically by strategic groups of accounts over a several month period, with careful measurement to ensure smooth transition. Easy set up for on-demand (in real-time) new promotions and products with zero risk of error

IA’s smart AI-powered predictive analytics benefitting retailers in


Increase in
promotional revenue


Decrease in
promotional spend


Improved ROI


Seconds to generate an optimized trade plan

See TradeSmart in action

TradeSmart clients realize a 10-15% improvement in their ROI on promotional investment, with this end-to-end trade solution for planning, forecasting, tracking and reporting.


Here's why our clients trust us

TradeSmart helped us manage our trade promotions efficiently, achieving win-win negotiations. It also helped us to effectively decrease our trade spend.

Planning and Promotion Lead,
Leading Food CPG Player

We were able to save a significant amount of money that was being spent on non-performing trade promotions. By identifying and eliminating these, TradeSmart helped increase the ROI on our trade promotions.

Head, Pricing and Planning,
Global Cosmetics CPG Brand

TradeSmart has helped us to rightly allocate our budget for trade promotions, maximize promotional effectiveness across channels, and helped us to get the maximum revenue benefits.

AVP, Planning and Merchandising,
Largest Global CPG House of Brand

Industries that can benefit from TradeSmart

Leverage our future-ready trade promotion optimization solution to meaningfully improve your promo outcomes.


Ensure end-to-end, integrated AI-led Merchandising, and improved decision-making, starting from planning and allocation to promotions, and everything in between.


Improve the performance of your trade spend by optimizing placements. Shift from zero-sum negotiations over promo deployment to win-win solutions that optimize sales for you and your channel partners.


Get empirical information on the latest trends in the market, technology, and how your peers are solving their biggest promotion planning challenges using IA’s advanced trade promotion Optimization solution.

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Trade Promotion Management

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