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Plan, simulate, and execute promotions effortlessly. Use “what-if” scenarios, manage diverse promo types, optimize discounts, and leverage location-based promotions with our promotion management software.

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Features & Benefits

What Sets Our Promotion Management Software Apart?

Target Effectively with Location-Based Promotions

Implement location-based pricing with Ad Zone or Price Zone targeting. Optimize trade promotions based on geographic-specific demands and competition.

Optimize Discounts Based on Objectives

Tailor discounts to align with specific business objectives. Maximize your return on investment by setting discounts that meet your strategic goals.

Adjust Manually with Flexibility

Override automated settings with manual adjustments as needed. Retain full control over your promotional campaigns to adapt to real-time market changes.

Plan Promotions with a Comprehensive Calendar

Use our full-featured calendar to organize and schedule all your promotions. Streamline your planning and execution across all channels.

Beyond Legacy Limits

Compare the Traditional Approach with Modern Promotions

Traditional Approach

  • Relies on static promotion calendars, failing to adapt to real-time market changes.
  • Manages promotions in isolation, missing cross-channel synergies and holistic strategies.
  • Offers limited visibility into promotion effectiveness, resulting in suboptimal decisions.
  • Segments customers based on generic criteria, missing personalized engagement opportunities.


Modern Approach

  • Utilizes dynamic promotion calendars, adapting to real-time market trends and customer behavior.
  • Synchronizes promotions across channels, maximizing impact through integrated strategies.
  • Provides comprehensive analytics, delivering actionable insights for optimal trade promotion.
  • Segments customers precisely using big data and behavioral analytics, enhancing personalized engagement.

Key Parameters

Why Choose Impact Analytics Promotion Management Software?

Monitor Performance
in Real Time

Track trade promotion performance with real-time dashboards and reports. Make timely adjustments based on up-to-date metrics to optimize outcomes.

Utilize AI and
Machine Learning

Leverage AI and machine learning to analyze large datasets, identify trends, and optimize your promotional strategies for better results.

Integrate Data
and Analyze

Consolidate data from sales, inventory, and customer insights for comprehensive analysis. Use this data to make informed, strategic decisions for your promotions.


Run what-if simulations to evaluate different promotional strategies. Predict potential outcomes and refine your approach before implementation.


Enhance collaborative efforts with a centralized communication platform. Ensure all stakeholders are informed and aligned with real-time updates and shared data.

Industry Applications

Promotion Management Software: Industry Use Cases

Optimize pricing and promotions to drive sales and customer engagement. Use data analytics to understand consumer behavior and adjust strategies for in-store and online channels. Boost your retail success with targeted trade promotion planning software.

Implement targeted promotions to attract guests during off-peak seasons. Personalize offers based on guest preferences and booking history to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Elevate your guest experience with our promotions software.

Design and execute promotions that increase brand visibility and market share. Analyze sales data to fine-tune promotional strategies and maximize ROI for different product lines. Enhance your CPG brand presence with a smart promotion management solution.

Plan promotions to manage product launches and phase-outs effectively. Use predictive analytics to improve forecast accuracy and optimize production schedules based on promotional activities. Improve your manufacturing efficiency with strategic promotions.

Leverage location-based promotions to cater to regional preferences and competitive landscapes. Use real-time sales data to adjust pricing and offers accurately—ensure freshness and reduce waste. Optimize your grocery sales with targeted promotions.

Run targeted promotions to clear seasonal inventory and introduce new collections. Use AI to predict fashion trends and customer preferences—tailor promotions to increase sales and brand loyalty. Stay ahead in fashion with AI-driven promotions.

Coordinate promotional activities across the supply chain planning to ensure product availability. Use real-time data to manage inventory and logistics efficiently, minimizing stockouts and overstock situations. Streamline your supply chain with effective promotions.

Enterprise-Ready: High-Performing and Highly Scalable

Our demand forecasting software’s seamless scalability, bulletproof reliability, and easy integration make it ideal for enterprise applications.

Virtually Unlimited Scalability

Our AI technology engine runs more than one million ever-improving machine learning models for the most-accurate forecasts anywhere—with unlimited scalability across users, stores, SKUs, regions, and more.

Unmatched Performance

Pick a measure, any measure—forecasting accuracy, raw data digested, return on investment—and you’ll find Impact Analytics at the forefront.

Focused on Innovation and Customer Service

It’s no surprise we’re the youngest company in the top 100 of Fortune’s 2023 list of the Most Innovative Companies in America—and the only one in our space on the list at all.


Security, Compliance, and Privacy


SOC 2 Type 2 Certified

Guarantees high-level security standards, audited by a third-party, for robust data safety.


GDPR and CCPA Compliance

Meets strict data privacy laws, ensuring user data protection and legal adherence.


Annual Penetration Testing and Auditing

Preempts vulnerabilities and fortifies against cyber threats.

Over a Decade of Optimization Experience






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Frequently Asked Questions

What is promotion management?

Promotion management involves planning and executing activities to boost product visibility and sales. It enables strategic customer communication, effective campaign management, and improved business outcomes.

What are the benefits of promotion management software?

Promotion management involves planning, executing, and analyzing promotional activities such as discounts, coupons, and special offers to attract customers, increase sales, and achieve marketing objectives.