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Impact Analytics ForecastSmart uses machine learning to generate highly accurate forecasts for all SKUs at the store, style or any hierarchy level across their entire life cycle.


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Say “Goodbye” to Traditional Demand Forecasting Tools

Leverage our award winning forecasting engine to identify recent trends, seasonality, and other unique demand drivers, all in one place.
For years, the traditional forecasting algorithms have leaned very heavily on historical data. But with rapid changes in product preferences and consumption patterns, businesses need a more robust demand forecasting tool that includes factors other than just historical data.

retail demand forecasting software
Retail demand planning

Faster Pattern Recognition

With IA’s cutting edge advanced l demand forecasting software businesses gain deeper insights into their data for more effective decision making.

Context-Based Variables

ForecastSmart’s predictive analytics is the leading demand forecasting solution in the market. It has the power to create context-adaptive variables to handle seasonal assortments, inventory changes, and new product launches.

Capture Lost Sales

Our sophisticated AI-powered forecasting engine, trained on two petabytes of data, is the best in the industry at identifying lost sales and new sales opportunities.

Understand demand drivers

ForecastSmart’s visual component helps planners clearly understand the impact of different variables on demand and adjust these levers based on real-time exceptions for better and more agile demand forecasting.

Identify market shifts

Analyze market conditions and rapidly flag the effects of events, price changes, promotions, coupons, and unpredictable events for accurate forecasting and planning.

ForecastSmart implements quickly for prompt, lasting results


Evaluate market conditions and rapidly identify events, price changes, promotions,external inputs, and exogenous shocks for effective forecasting


Develop company specific models that include seasonality, latest trends, and external inputs and adjust based on real-time exceptions for more agile retail demand planning


Powerful ML, trained on two petabytes of data and fed with deep retail context, identifies lost sale opportunities and provides data-driven insights into upcoming demand planning


Rollout with context-adaptive variables to tackle seasonal assortment, inventory changes, sudden economic changes like inflation, shifting demand, and new launches

IA’s smart AI-powered predictive analytics benefitting retailers in


Increase in
forecast accuracy


Reduction in
lost sales


Reduction in forecast
creation and management time


Reduction in business
response times to events

ForecastSmart -

Delivering the future today

Superior mathematical computation engine, trained on +2PB data, combined with a deep retail context to accommodate various factors that affect demand.



Lost sales and performs business specific outlier removal.


Context-based variables to handle seasonal assortment, inventory changes and new launches.


Trends, seasonality, events, weather, marketing spends, panel data, competitor stores and store closures.


Effect of events, price changes, promotions, coupons etc to adjust forecasts.


True customer demand that captures the effect of all the variables.

Demand Planning

Achieving 90%+ accuracy in demand forecasting

ForecastSmart, our proprietary AI-powered demand forecasting tool, takes in numerous variables to account for recent trends and drivers of demand. It analyzes store information, as well as traffic. We have successfully delivered 90%+ accurate agile location-level forecasts that are hard to find elsewhere.

A Icons Benefits

Rapid forecasting of emerging trends

Demand forecasting tools enable readjustment of coefficients to factor in trends.

Demand Prediction

Hierarchical Forecasting

Highly accurate demand forecasts down to the SKU-Store level on a regional basis that takes into account specific behaviors of customer segments.

Benefits icon

Model Elasticity

Robust contextual treatments of the data before and after modeling based on business judgments and look back simulations.

Here's why our clients trust us

The accuracy of ForecastSmart’s prediction was a game changer for us. It has helped us make critical business decisions quickly and with more confidence

Merchandising VP,Leading Fast Fashion Retailer

We used to chase our sales and were always playing catchup, now with forward looking metrics, we are ahead of the game

CFO, Popular
Catalog Retailer

We were using LY numbers as forecast guidance, and then COVID hit. Most of our legacy planning systems became useless. The speed with which IA could come in and get our forecasting errors down during the pandemic is commendable.

Chief Planning Officer,
Large Grocery Chain

The speed with which Impact Analytics tweaked its forecasting models to accommodate the disruptions caused by pandemic only strengthened our belief that they are the right team to help us make sense of the sea of data that we are sitting on

Analytics Head,
Leading Pet Supplies Retailer

Industries that have benefited from ForecastSmart

Redefine demand planning, allocation, and price estimation in any industry with the most accurate and fastest demand forecasting software.


Identify the true demand potential across all sales channels and improve bottom-line margins.

Industrial Manufacturing

Allocate the correct inventory closer to your customers and reimagine demand and inventory planning like never before.


Leverage the quickest demand forecasting tool that performs millions of computations within minutes to understand demand across SKUs.


Get comprehensive information on the latest trends in the market, technology, and how your peers are solving their biggest demand planning and forecasting challenges using IA’s predictive analytics.

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Improve accuracy with Retail Demand Forecasting Software

Good decision-making is impossible without real-world data sets. But how do you yield accurate demand forecasts with that data? ForecastSmart was built to solve this problem by running on sparse data, picking up trends quickly, and filling in the gaps for better demand forecasting.
Our customers tell us that our retail demand and supply chain forecasting software models drive 10x more accurate forecasts and faster results than Excel spreadsheets and traditional demand forecasting tools. Boost planning efficiency today!

Retail Demand Forecasting Software

Driving ROI through

AI Powered Insights

We are led by a team with deep industry expertise . We believe in “Better decisions with AI” as the center of our products and philosophy, and leveraging this to empower your organization

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