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Optimize operational costs, improve service and conversion rates, lower customer acquisition costs and avoid churn.

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Impact Analytics has analyzed large datasets for multiple clients to provide actionable business benefits. Impact Analysis has also empowered their clients.

Test and Learn

Leverage AI to design experiments around menu design, personalised promos and pricing.

Optimize for Operational Efficiency

Uncover actionable insights around key elements like store operations, labour, and wait time, for bottom line impact.

360° View of Customers

In an industry with low switching costs, understand and respond to changing consumer preferences.

Superior Text Analytics

Uncover customer sentiment and context at scale, using robust and accurate text analytics solutions.

Here's why our clients trust us

Impact’s advanced analytics and test and learn solution helped us eliminate low popularity options and re-engineer our menu.

Head of IT at a leading Pizza Chain

PromoSmart helped us manage our promotions efficiently, creating offers that really drove demand and eliminating margin draining offers from our portfolio.

Planning and Promotion Lead,
Leading coffee chain

The Impact Analytics team was able to evaluate the price elasticity at a store level and were able to quickly provide store level pricing recommendations to drive better revenue in a matter of weeks. A great blend of analytical rigor and business understanding demonstrated to create positive comps across our stores.

CFO of Leading fast food chain

Impact Analytics offered us improved visibility and insight into millions of surveys. Their solutions speed at gauging the sentiment helped us drive meaningful action.

EVP, Customer Experience at a leading Fast Food Restaurant

Our customers experience


reduction in churn due to better customer experience


improvement in ROI from marketing spend


reduction in waste by accurately predicting demand

Our Capabilities

One size DOES NOT fit all. We believe in an agile working model, to service our customers’ evolving needs and give them the ability to serve their consumers better


Long Term partnerships

We foster long-term partnerships based on delivering high quality solutions

Deeply Committed

We leverage the best
of minds, experience, and technology.

Maximize the Potential

Enable predictive accuracy and data-driven insights and decision-making

Build Powerful Software

Provide leading brands with cutting edge, data science-based solutions

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Automated testing platform to test new initiatives

Driving ROI through

AI Powered Insights

We are led by a team with deep industry expertise . We believe in “Better decisions with AI” as the center of our products and philosophy, and leveraging this to empower your organization

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