AI-powered inventory planning software ensures service levels are met while minimizing inventory

Advanced inventory planning software that ensures the right product gets to the right place at the right time.

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InventorySmart Advantage

Optimize inventories using advanced inventory planning, allocation and replenishment software that leverages predictive analytics to deliver the greatest accuracy, even in the most complex inventory scenarios. Using leading-edge machine learning models that allow for rapid “what-if” simulations, our inventory planning solution is highly flexible, dynamic, and accurate to ensure businesses can make the right decisions to drive bottom-line results.

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Margin Dollar Growth

Reduce inventory costs, free up working capital, decrease markdowns, and increase margin dollars through inventory optimization software.


AI-based algorithms result in highly accurate forecasting at the most granular level, improving ROI on end-to-end inventory planning and optimization.

Improved efficiency

Reduce time spent on product inventory allocation and replenishment while avoiding common inventory issues such as stockouts, overstocking, and backorders.

InventorySmart Features

Inventory planning software maximizes the potential of your inventory by automating repetitive calculations and leveraging machine learning to identify patterns.

Exception Management Based

Drives the user to where they need to invest their time allowing for an optimized and automated process.

What-if scenario simulator

Ability to test various inventory strategies and pick the one that drives optimal service levels and business results.

Automated style chaining

Improve new product inventory planning, allocation and replenishment with automated supersessions

Optimized end-to-end Inventory Planning

Advanced ML models accurately predict demand and store allocation or replenishment needs allowing for optimized distribution center purchasing and replenishment.

InventorySmart implements quickly for prompt, lasting results


Pull data directly from your systems to get preliminary  analyses started while collecting input from key stakeholders


Build ML models based on key insights to optimize complex allocation and replenishment solutions


Ensure the applied models work and evolve with improved accuracy over multiple time periods


Deployment and Go-Live. Provide ongoing support to ensure the solution is adding value to your business

IA’s smart AI-powered predictive analytics benefiting retailers


Reduction in allocation
planning time


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Reduction in
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See InventorySmart in action

Discover how our InventorySmart clients have improved their inventory turnover and reduced markdowns with inventory optimization software.

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Here's why our clients trust us

We need IA’s products more than ever before. We were able to allocate the right cotton product for face masks to the right stores during the pandemic only because of InventorySmart.

SVP, Planning at an Essential Retailer

With all the forecasts broken due to the pandemic, it became so difficult for us to predict the demand and manage inventory effectively. With InventorySmart, we were able to predict the right demand and allocate the right items at the right place.

VP Merchandising, Grocery Retailer

InventorySmart has helped us position our merchandise to a greater extent, reduced surplus inventory, and automated our entire allocation process which has saved a lot of time for us.

Head, Merchandising and Planning,Leading Department Chain

Our assortment consists of several high-priced items that see heavy seasonal spikes in sales. Impact Analytics helped us tackle our inventory imbalance issue. Our lost sales have seen a huge dip. You guys rock!

Head of Merchandisingat a Jewelry Retailer

Industries that can benefit from InventorySmart

AI-driven, industry-specific models propel business growth, even in the most uncertain of times.


Optimized inventory planning and retail allocation and replenishment powered by AI-driven inventory planning software.


Reduce stockouts and inventory pileups with inventory planning and replenishment software.


ML-powered accurate forecasts at SKU-Store level leveraging style chaining to automate new product introductions and accurate retail inventory allocation.


Equip yourself with more information on the latest trends in inventory planning, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the merchandising process, and how leading companies in your industry are solving their inventory problems with inventory optimization software.

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Driving ROI through

AI Powered Insights

We are led by a team with deep industry expertise . We believe in “Better decisions with AI” as the center of our products and philosophy, and leveraging this to empower your organization

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