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Features & Benefits

What Sets Our Demand Forecasting & Planning Software Apart?

Steadfast Performance

Our demand forecasting and planning software gives a clear view of how your products are performing at all times, even when the market is unpredictable or sales are low.

Agile Adaptation

Quickly adapt to market changes using up-to-the-minute data. Get early warnings and plan for different scenarios so your inventory always meets customer needs.

Precise Forecasting

Our software tests over a million AI and ML models, then recommends the best one to ensure your predictions are spot-on for the current market conditions.

Integrated Automation

Automate your workflows from start to finish. Our software easily integrates with your existing systems, keeping your operations up and running without interruption.

Beyond Legacy Limits

Compare Traditional Modeling with a Modern Forecasting Engine

Traditional Approach

  • Offers precise initial results with custom modeling but lacks long-term adaptability.
  • Requires frequent updates to maintain complete market coverage.
  • Demands constant fine-tuning and retraining as market trends shift.
  • Calls for manual adjustments to fix forecasting errors and biases.
  • Struggles to assimilate new data once the model is active.


Modern Approach

  • Delivers dependable forecasts for both immediate and future needs.
  • Maintains full market coverage effortlessly, with easy expansion to new regions.
  • Reduces upkeep with self-improving models. 
  • Instantly corrects biases and continuously checks forecast accuracy.
  • Adapts flexibly, seamlessly integrating and updating with fresh data.

Key Parameters

Why Choose Impact Analytics Forecasting Software?

Intelligent Data

Our software gathers and polishes your data. It makes sure everything is accurate, even with surprises like a sudden store closure.

True Demand

It finds the sales you should have made, showing the real customer demand for your products so you’re able to plan better.

Advanced Model

Our native AI engine picks the best forecasting model for your environment, keeping up with the market’s twists and turns.

Easy Forecast

Take control with an easy-to-use system that alerts you when there are issues, so you update your forecasts without hassle.

Ready for …

Stay prepared with forecasts that quickly adjust to unforeseen business changes and fast-moving trends.

Industry Applications

Demand Forecasting & Planning Software: Industry Use Cases

Precisely predict customer demand for individual SKUs, enabling you to optimize inventory levels and effectively execute targeted promotions. This robust tool reduces stockouts, ensuring you are always prepared for market shifts and seasonal demand trends.

Forecast demand for hotel rooms and resort stays based on historical data, seasonality, and event schedules. Improve occupancy rates and profitability.

Forecast demand for finished goods, enabling efficient production scheduling and resource allocation. Secure the right raw materials at the right time to avoid price fluctuations. Maintain optimal inventory levels to reduce storage costs.

Anticipate demand fluctuations to optimize production schedules and resource allocation. Secure raw materials at the best cost and time based on predicted needs. Maintain the inventory levels you need to minimize storage costs and resource utilization.

Forecast demand for a wide range of products—including fresh produce and items with short shelf lives—minimizing waste and maximizing product availability. Account for dynamic factors like weather and holidays for improved forecasting accuracy.

Forecast demand for fashion items considering seasonal trends and market fluctuations. Manage your inventory management for fast-moving fashion goods and reduce the risk of dead stock.

Leverage advanced forecasting to optimize logistics planning and supply chain efficiency. Ensure timely product distribution, optimize warehouse operations, and reduce transportation costs by aligning supply with anticipated demand.

Enterprise-Ready: High-Performing and Highly Scalable

Our demand forecasting software’s seamless scalability, bulletproof reliability, and easy integration make it ideal for enterprise applications.

Virtually Unlimited Scalability

Our AI technology engine runs more than one million ever-improving machine learning models for the most-accurate forecasts anywhere—with unlimited scalability across users, stores, SKUs, regions, and more.

Unmatched Performance

Pick a measure, any measure—forecasting accuracy, raw data digested, return on investment—and you’ll find Impact Analytics at the forefront.

Focused on Innovation and Customer Service

It’s no surprise we’re the youngest company in the top 100 of Fortune’s 2023 list of the Most Innovative Companies in America—and the only one in our space on the list at all.


Security, Compliance, and Privacy


SOC 2 Type 2 Certified

Guarantees high-level security standards, audited by a third-party, for robust data safety.


GDPR and CCPA Compliance

Meets strict data privacy laws, ensuring user data protection and legal adherence.


Annual Penetration Testing and Auditing

Preempts vulnerabilities and fortifies against cyber threats.

Over a Decade of Optimization Experience






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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ForecastSmart and how does it work?

Impact Analytics ForecastSmart is an advanced, AI-driven forecasting tool that uses machine learning and analytics to predict consumer demand accurately. It analyzes data using over one million ML models, selecting the most effective one to ensuring highly accurate predictions for product lifecycle management.

What should I expect in the demo?

Our experts will demonstrate the product and its key features—including its value proposition and how it addresses your business requirements.

Are the solutions configurable to fit specific business needs?

We understand that every business has specific requirements. Talk to our experts and they’ll provide the best-suited solution as per your business goals.