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Instantly add thousands of attributes to any size catalog with minimum human effort for optimal product attribution accuracy and higher ROI.

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AttributeSmart Advantage

Minimize costly manual efforts with AttributeSmart and ensure 95%+ accuracy in automated product tagging workflow for higher EBITDA and CSAT scores. Retail winners invariably have the best product attribution - knowing more about each product they sell and who it will sell to. Increasingly, they are automating this process to improve accuracy and team productivity.

Automated Product Tagging
Automated Product Tagging

Consistent Data

Accurate automated product tagging powered by AI & cutting-edge Neural Network models. We use images, free text from purchase orders and customer reviews, search outputs, and much more to deliver the very best attribution in the industry.

Higher Merchandise ROI

Gain a better understanding of your company’s performance and identify ways to improve margins and optimize costs for data-driven decision-making. Solutions that benefit from product attribution include next-generation onsite or offsite search optimization, website nav, supernav, and facet optimization, assortment planning, pricing, allocations, forecasting, markdowns, and much more.

Boost Productivity

Create accurate product feeds quickly and easily with our automated product tagging software to reduce the costs of manually tagging, and remove the inaccurate data those manual attribution processes often deliver.

AttributeSmart Features

Our game-changing solution uses Computer Vision to analyze product images and automatically generates appropriate attributes for online catalogs. We also draw on all of the categorized or free text that you have related to each product, down to the color level.

Highly Categorized

Our automated product tagging software comes with 500+ industry-specific category tags. And the solution can be customized further to fit your specific needs.

Tailored Taxonomy

We can map our deep tagging solution to your company’s unique taxonomy, and even suggest improvements to that taxonomy based on the natural language your customers use.

High Accuracy

AI model trained on custom images for 90%+ accuracy in the automated product tagging process.

Detailed Classification

Our patent-pending image classification system will guide your marketing efforts by automatically classifying images on your website (or beyond) and giving them specific values.

Self Learning

Algorithms that constantly improve their attribute tagging process with new inputs.

End to End Workflow

Label, train, review, and finalize attributes – one-stop solution for automated product tagging.

Industries that have benefited from AttributeSmart

Our cutting-edge automated product tagging technologies are transforming merchandising around the globe including B2C, B2B, and B2B2C settings. Whether you operate an eCommerce website, traditional brick & mortar stores, or are a product manufacturer, improving your attribution in an automated way will drive value across your business systems.


Build high-quality, product attributes instantly for quick product allocation at the right store.


Create detail tags and metadata to automate the process of product tagging and discoverability.


Craft personalized shopping journeys for customers by ensuring they find the right product at the right time.

AttributeSmart implements quickly for prompt, lasting results


Customize and map product data attributes and photography to match your business taxonomy based on the natural language your customers use


Build accurate automated product tagging powered by AI & cutting-edge Neural Network models to craft internal attributes, SEO-ready tags, and rich catalog data


Continue to refine attribution using neural models and merchant feedback to fit business taxonomy


Deploy across multiple business systems including Planning and Allocation, Web Search and Navigation, Personalized Marketing, Store Merchandising, and much more . . .

IA’s smart AI-powered predictive analytics benefitting retailers in


Savings on manual attribution


growth in bottom-line with improved assortment optimization powered by attribute data


AOV uplift with better product discovery


Improvement in e-commerce conversions

See AttributeSmart in action

Explore how our AI-powered automated product tagging software turns ordinary product photos or unstructured text into structured data for use in merchandising, marketing, supply planning, personalization, and other areas of retail innovation and CPG automation.


Here's why our clients trust us

Attribution is no longer a manual, tedious and error prone process here. AttributeSmart has literally moved us to the world of automation

Merchandising Lead,
Leading Apparel Retailer

Maintaining master data such as this is very helpful to us, especially with our somewhat broken product hierarchy. We are using this information to drive a lot of consumer preference analyses

Director of Analytics,
Leading Department Store chain

AttributeSmart has made the annual "attribution" exercise much simpler - and we now do product attribute analysis multiple times in a year and stay on top of trends. It is saving us Millions by optimizing our buy as well.

Buying team,
Leading Sports Retailer

It's like magic !

Senior buyer,
Popular DTC Brand


Unravel in-depth information on the latest trends in the market, technology, and how your peers are solving their biggest product tagging challenges by using IA’s advanced attribute tagging solutions.

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