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AI-powered Impact Analytics PriceSmart™ uncovers underlying insights, the latest trends, price elasticities, competitor pricing, and more, driving the initial (or base), promotional, and markdown and clearance pricing decisions that maximize profitability.

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PriceSmart Advantage

Unified forecasting coupled with advanced optimization techniques ensure your pricing strategies promote your business goals across every product’s lifecycle.

Agile Forecasting

Dynamic forecasting considers the latest transaction data and current trends—consumer behavior, weather, seasons, product age, and more—to make extremely accurate sales predictions at the desired granularity. More than 1 million machine learning models are continually retrained.

Target-Based Lifecycle Optimization

Prioritize the metrics and define your targets based on your business objectives: To boost revenue, units, margin, sell-through, etc. Source targets from external systems or enter/upload them manually. PriceSmart regularly refreshes its recommendations based on the latest available data.

Exception-Based Management

Exceptions are tuned to your pricing architecture and business rules—e.g., no price revision for x duration; pricing maintained across packs, colors, or sizes; minimum margins not met; changes in input costs; promotions beyond prescribed limits; inventory levels too high—to drive user action.

Workflow Management

Set up complex, user roles-based workflows that enable you to segregate duties and audit key, individual decisions, such as pricing and promotion approvals and whether to lock in pricing before execution.

Easy Integration

The software’s workflows seamlessly integrate with applications such as marketing calendars and data warehouses, enabling you to create real-time pricing recommendations and strategies such as pre-season, in-season, outlet, and markdown (Apparel) and base pricing, promotion, and clearance (Grocers).

Cross-Channel Journey Management

Does your business model include outlets or other end-of-life sales channels? Impact Analytics PriceSmart determines the ideal time and cadence for retiring or delisting older SKUs and styles, then moving them into the appropriate next phase of the product’s lifecycle.

Personalized Pricing

Optimize dynamic pricing strategies by store, store cluster, channel, region, customer segment, and more. PriceSmart supports clustering or grouping relevant stores as “like locations,” enabling you to create personalized retail price optimization programs.

PriceSmart Modules Base Pricing, Promotions,
and Markdowns and Clearances

The three PriceSmart modules—Impact Analytics BaseSmart™, Impact Analytics PromoSmart™,
and Impact Analytics MarkSmart™—are powerful whether used in sync or individually.


Dynamic Pricing—

BaseSmart dynamically recommends initial pricing by considering a range of criteria including:

  • The product’s price elasticity
  • The historical pricing and sales behavior of similar styles—yours or your competitors
  • The available inventory
  • Other business rules such as same style same price and minimum margin requirements for Apparel retailers and size curves, cross-zone pricing, and brand tiering for Grocers.

Pricing-Scenario Models—

BaseSmart enables you to model various pricing scenarios to arrive at the optimal one for a product (or set of products) based on criteria and constraints including: 

  • Revenues
  • Sell-through and margin targets
  • Minimum margin percentage
  • Promotion step size
  • Price-ending rules

Multicountry / Multicurrency Pricing—

Convert your base prices across different currencies with a single click, quickly defining easy-to-use price rules that support price-point mapping, mathematical price conversion rules, and much more.


Historical Analysis—

PromoSmart shows you which promotions are most effective by providing high-level summary metrics such as toxic promo percentage and net incremental margin gain. Choose the analysis view that best suits your purpose: By campaign, event, promotion, product group—and even down to the product level.

Pricing-Scenario Models—Powerful Simulations—

While PromoSmart generates the most precise promotion recommendations based on the selected targets, objectives, and constraints, you are also able to simulate demand across different promotion depths and offer types.

Sync with Marketing Calendar—

PromoSmart enables you to seamlessly attach finalized promotions to events created by the Marketing team. The Marketing calendar is then available with all pricing activity in one place, enabling users to slice and dice by category, department, and time periods.  


Tailored Markdowns—

Guide the automation by defining guardrails such as setting:

  • The maximum number of allowed markdowns and clearances
  • The maximum number of allowed markdowns and clearances
  • Eligible SKUs
  • Step size
  • Timeframe for refresh

Automated Markdown Recommendations—

MarkSmart takes emotion out of the markdown process, developing the optimal solution from predictive and objective criteria—and then enabling you to tailor that output to fit your markdown budget using scenario planning. The MarkSmart criteria include:  

  • Seasonal timing
  • Inventory levels
  • Sales velocity
  • Sales curves
  • Price elasticity
  • Price-points breaks
  • Markdowns frequency

Continual Monitoring—

The MarkSmart decision dashboard provides rollup views of planned vs. actual markdown performance across all product hierarchy levels, enabling you to assess their impact. Configure reports to offer recurring views; you can also export and share reports across teams.

PriceSmart implements quickly for prompt, lasting results


Analyze price elasticities for every product, at every stage of its lifecycle, tailored by region, channel, customer, and more


Robust ML models deliver advanced pricing recommendations across the lifecycle (three modules: Initial pricing, Promo, Markdown)


Ensure ML models are evolving. Platform should be delivering actionable insights, and offering dynamic pricing strategies


Phased rollout across regions, categories, and business units. Continued support to ensure solution is adding value for your business

IA’s smart AI-powered predictive analytics benefitting retailers in


Increase in


Reduction in
promotion planning time


Reduction in wastage
(due to price based
optimal pre-season planning)


Adherence to pricing compliance policies (through rules and auto integration)

See PriceSmart in action

See how our clients are achieving extraordinary Gross Margines with profitable customer-centric pricing, promotions, and markdown and clearance optimization software.


Explore Promo Calculator

An interactive tool which helps you optimize promotion lift that you need to keep your gross margin dollars stable.

Retail Price Optimization

Here's why our clients trust us

PriceSmart helped us add millions to our bottom-line by optimizing our markdown cadence. We now have the ability to simulate multiple scenarios with a click and choose the best one.

Pricing Lead, Global House of Fashion Brands

Before PriceSmart, we were using excel sheets for making pricing decisions, we didn’t have the ability to see what was happening across the board. Now PriceSmart gives us a definitive data-backed answer that is optimized for us. It is like a crystal ball.

Pricing Analyst, Fashion Brand Outlets

By utilizing PriceSmart we were able to leverage promotional price elasticity to improve our promo effectiveness leading to 400 basis point improvement within 30 days of implementation.

Head of Pricing and Promotion Management, large US grocery chain.

We were able to track our competitors’ prices and arrive at the right price point for elastic as well as inelastic SKUs by implementing PriceSmart. PriceSmart helped us to boost our bottom-line in no time.

VP Pricing, leading US Coffee chain

Industries that have benefited from PriceSmart

Your data and our advanced AI-powered retail pricing model create a unified pricing and promotions planning solution that’s unique to your industry.


Plan pricing and promotions across each products’ lifecycle to drive sales, margins and greater customer engagement.


Ensure location-specific pricing for profitable and customer-focused pricing and promotions.


Dynamic pricing structure backed by advanced demand forecasts and intelligent insights.


Get in-depth information about the latest industry trends, technology and how your peers are solving the biggest promotion and markdown problems with IA’s advanced next-gen pricing and promotions planning software solution.

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