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Customer Experience

Focus on delivering unique experiences to customers at an optimum price, with an advanced AI-based customer analysis solution.

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Impact Analytics has analyzed large datasets for multiple clients to provide actionable business benefits. Impact Analysis has also empowered their clients.

Behavior Based Insights

Study behavioral profiles of customers based on occupancy rates, spending patterns, frequency and recency of visits.

Better Bottom Line

Improved ROI on promotions and marketing through location specific analysis that generates the optimal pricing structure.

Optimal Price Changes

AI based recommendations on pricing structure based on customers’ spending patterns, seasonality, location, and competition.

Expense Management

Leverage numerous tools to monitor expense management arising out of spikes in staff requirement, during seasonal occupancy.

Here's why our clients trust us

Impact Analytics has helped our chain to increase footfall and curate menus to accommodate the shift in trends. We are able to deliver a more personalized experience to our customers now”

VP Analytics, Largest Global Fast-food Chain

IA helped us optimize pricing based on market demand signals, and a deep understanding of our customers' willingness to pay.

Revenue Head, Leading Hotel Chain

PromoSmart helped us effectively manage our marketing costs, arming us with knowledge of which offers and channels will generate the best response from our customers.

EVP Loyalty & Customer Experience,
Leading Fine Dining Chain

In addition to the financial benefits, Impact Analytics’ solutions have helped increase our team’s productivity and enabled a swift decision-making process across the organization

CMO, Leading QSR Chain in the US

Our customers experience


incremental revenue from increased footfall


increase in customer retention due to personalized engagement


reduction in inventory by accurately forecasting demand

Our Capabilities

One size DOES NOT fit all. We believe in an agile working model, to service our customers’ evolving needs and give them the ability to serve their consumers better


Long Term Partnerships

We foster long-term partnerships based on delivering high quality solutions.

Deeply Committed

We leverage the best
of minds, experience, and technology

Maximize the Potential

Enable predictive accuracy and data-driven insights and decision-making

Build Powerful Software

Provide leading brands with cutting edge, data science-based solutions

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Build customer centric, localized, SKU level assortment with planning


Unlock bottom-line profits with precision, through AI-guided forecasting.

Driving ROI through

AI Powered Insights

We are led by a team with deep industry expertise . We believe in “Better decisions with AI” as the center of our products and philosophy, and leveraging this to empower your organization

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