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Smart decisions are taken when humans and machines come together. So, we are building the best-in-class decision systems, to unlock the power of artificial intelligence for our users.

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Who we are

We are the fastest-growing Retail, CPG and Supply Chain focused enterprise AI SaaS product company. We have built award winning products and our success is driven by focus on innovation and changing existing processes through automation.

A start-up at heart, IA is founded by Cornell, Columbia, McKinsey alumnus and driven by a team of Harvard, IIT, IIM leaders. We understand our customers and believe in providing the best analytic capabilities.

Impact Analytics

Our mission

There is a broad misconception that AI replaces human beings. But we know that AI assists humans in making smarter decisions. Retail decision making is a blend of art and science. And that’s why, we have created a platform that unifies machine intelligence with human validation.

We believe, we maximize the potential of our users by automating repetitive calculations, leveraging machine learning to identify patterns and collaborating with internal and external teams in seamless ways. We help our users run smarter businesses.

Our History

Our history

In 2015, Prashant, a seasoned management consultant noticed that many organizations were still using excel to make business critical decisions, which were leading to suboptimal outcomes. The only software solutions available were data pipelines, that were expensive to implement and cumbersome to operate.

Thus, a company was born: Impact Analytics, founded on the desire to bring the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to build powerful software solutions that allowed organizations to make decisions quickly, accurately and with confidence.

Our team is comprised of ex-retailers, CPG veterans, management consultants, data scientists and product engineers. Together, we work in an agile environment to create products that work for every user and we continue to be committed to our users and foster long-term partnerships based on delivering high quality solutions.

Our Team

Our team

Prashant Agrawal

Chief Executive Officer

Abhirup Ganguly

Managing Director

Prithvik Kankappa

Managing Director

Sulabh Jain

Managing Director

Radhika Khurana

Managing Director

Melanie Casinelli

Managing Director

Haribabu Thilakar

Managing Director

Mark Mizicko

Advisor, Planning andMerchandising Systems.

Adam Dill

Evangelist, CPG and Grocery tech.

Keith Lefaiver

Advisor, E-comm and
Wholesale Solutions.

Bart Sichel

Marketing Guru, Strategy,
DTC and Specialty Retail.

Why us ?

Join our team to be a part of the fastest growing enterprise AI products company.


Driving ROI through

AI Powered Insights

We are led by a team with deep industry expertise . We believe in “Better decisions with AI” as the center of our products and philosophy, and leveraging this to empower your organization

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