Impact Analytics recognized in Gartner®

Market Guide for Retail Forecasting, Allocation and
Replenishment Solutions, 2022

Gartner’s Market Guide for Retail Forecasting, Allocation & Replenishment features IA’s ADA forecasting engine and InventorySmart.

In the fast-pacing world of retailing and shifting consumer behaviors, retail giants need demand planning solutions to forecast sales and replenish inventory.

Such demand forecast models are usually composed of a rule-based approach that works well enough for stable and predictable product categories, but can also accelerate allocation and replenishment optimization across overall inventory, even during unprecedented times of inflation and seasonal trends.

Next-gen predictive analytics can drastically minimize operational costs through:

  • Inventory Optimization: Matching store inventory with actual needs to minimize storage space required and ensure better store planning (Rental Costs)
  • Replenishment Optimization: Optimizing replenishment quantity per order to reduce overstocks or under-stocks, and replenishments between warehouse and stores (Warehousing & Transportation Costs)

Our AI/ML forecasting engine, ADA, is foundational to all IA’s products, including InventorySmart. ADA’s robust system and InventorySmart instantly monitor real-time demand shifts to deliver a never-before-achievable level of forecast accuracy that drives improvements in the replenishment process, warehouse operations, and beyond. These powerful solutions help retailers avoid the randomness and inaccuracy of traditional demand forecasts to improve planning efficiency.

Our intelligent retail AI solutions empower brands to achieve:

  • Near zero bias at every level of aggregation through intelligent clustering
  • Accurate directional response to external variables (promos, seasonality, climate, local occurrences, global economic events)
  • Inaccuracy monitoring and ensure the right amount of inventory allocation at the right channels
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Market Guide for Retail Forecasting, Allocation and Replenishment Solutions, 2022


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We are honored and delighted to be recognized by Gartner as a representative vendor, and this further validates our mission to empower both large and small businesses in achieving true growth, increased profits, and fostering digital-first decision-making through automation and innovation.

ForecastSmart - The #1 Demand Planning Solution

Our next-generation, ML-powered forecasting engine can generate accurate retail demand forecasts across all SKUs at any hierarchy for the entire product lifecycle.

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