Shoptalk Europe 2024:
Transforming Europe’s Retail Ecosystem

3-5 June, 2024
Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain

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The Ultimate Retail Conference: Empowering AI in Retail

This year’s show will be attended by 10,000+ retail executives and feature hundreds—make that thousands—of extraordinary learning and networking opportunities, including the legendary “Meetup at Shoptalk.” If you’re as eager as we are to dive into the following—we’ll see you there!

Gain Exclusive Insights on AI-Driven Retail Innovations

Discover how cutting-edge applications use AI and data analytics to transform product recommendations, streamline inventory operations and more.

Explore The Future Shape of Merchandising, Assortment & Supply Chain

Learn how predictive analytics and machine learning reshape product selection, pricing strategies, and distribution networks, with a sustainable outlook.

Decipher Evolving Consumer Trends

Gain in-depth insights into effectively tailoring your offerings–staying ahead of changing consumer behaviors and securing a competitive edge.

Take Charge of Next-Gen Customer Journeys

Learn to utilize AI and data analytics in forward-thinking approaches that personalize marketing strategies, streamline acquisition, and boost loyalty and retention.

Impact Analytics™ offers the only retail-, CPG-, and supply chain-focused suite of planning and merchandising products that’s complete, fully integrated, and built on native AI. A growing roster of top brands rely on our SaaS solutions to quickly maximize ROI and grow profitably from data-driven decision-making across full-lifecycle categories including demand forecasting, pricing optimization, assortment, inventory management, and financial planning.

It’s no surprise that, in 2023, Fortune named us a top 100 Most Innovative company, more than 300 global retailers ranked us the #1 Targeted Solution Vendor (RIS Software LeaderBoard), or The Financial Times ranked us a Fastest-Growing company—for the fourth straight year.

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Prashant Agrawal
CEO & Founder


Brian Crain
General Manager, EMEA

Domenico Antonucci
Retail Account Director at Mercaux

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Recognitions that speak for us

Innovation is in our DNA and problem solving is at the heart of it. This is how we build award
winning products to meet toughest business challenges through automation and AI.

Targeted Solution Vendor
Technology Innovation (2024)

Top 100
America’s Most Innovative Companies
Youngest Co. in Top 100 and the Only
Retail AI Co. on the Entire List (2023)

Top 100
America’s Fastest-Growing Companies
Fourth Straight Year: 2020-2023

Top 5 Percent
Fastest-Growing Private Companies
Sixth Straight Year: 2018-2023


What should I expect in the demo?

Our experts will demonstrate the product and its key features. Additionally, its value proposition and how it addresses your business requirements.

How long is the demo?

The duration of the demo typically ranges from 30 to 60 minutes, depending upon your specific use case and product requirements.

What are the key features or benefits of your solutions?

Our solutions offer several key features and benefits such as, advanced analytics, data visualization, predictive modeling, and more. These features are designed to help you make data-driven decisions, improve efficiency, and drive business growth. Please contact us for more details.

Are the solutions configurable to fit specific business needs?

We understand that every business has specific requirements. Talk to our experts and they’ll provide the best suited solution as per your business goals.

How does your solution integrate with existing systems or technologies we are using?

Our solutions are designed to be flexible, making their integration into your business seamless. Whether you use specific software, databases, or platforms, our team collaborates with your IT department to ensure a smooth process until completion.