Drive Higher Margin Gains with Rapid Tests

Get a solution that is different from Marketdial and Mastercard APT. Try TestSmart – the first AI-powered platform to create, implement, and analyze accurate in-store tests.

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TestSmart Advantage

This affordable MarketDial substitute deploys test and learn frameworks to allow businesses to create tests and analyze results rapidly for better margin gains.

Test and Learn
Test and Learn

Improved Efficiency

TestSmart’s patent-pending machine learning algorithms create powerful hypothesis testing campaigns that are accurate, cost-friendly, and time-saving.

Versatile use-cases

IA’s TestSmart platform supports a very wide range of use cases. The platform’s apt use of multiple testing methodologies empowers both store tests and consumer tests including store merchandising layouts and adjacencies, fixturing, signing, inventory allocation, assortment planning, price elasticity, promotion effectiveness, campaign testing, and many additional pre-built tests types as well as supporting infinite custom test designs.

Single Source of Truth

Applying the test and learn methodology, this Test and Learn APT alternative organizes company-wide tests in one place for a complete view of the experiments running across various departments.

Drives High ROI

Unlike Mastercard APT, TestSmart provides you actionable insights into inventory management, price elasticity, customer behavior patterns for a higher value on investment.

TestSmart Features

Identify opportunities for new product development and merchandising strategies through our next-gen test and learn platform.

Assisted Test Creation

TestSmart comprises AI-based test templates available to guide businesses in creating experiments from scratch and providing accurate data and other distinct insights.

Deep-dive and Root Cause Analysis

Our Mastercard APT alternative will help you identify the real drivers of your business in one place, in a more affordable manner.

Robust Test and Control Matching

Robust test and learn frameworks help create accurate tests, with reliable and insightful results that are different from MarketDial.

Run Simultaneous Customer & Store Tests

Single interface to run multiple independent tests and learn campaigns simultaneously, at various levels – stores, department, and customer groups.

See TestSmart in Action

Discover how our clients have leveraged TestSmart to run multiple tests, delineated the true impact, and rolled out margin accretive ideas.

Test and Learn

Here's why our clients trust us

The ability to deep-dive on the test results on the intuitive interface, significantly enhanced the actions that could be taken based on the experiments conducted using the Test-Learn

CMO at A Leading Department Store Chain

With an automated Control matching using a multitude of factors and dimensions we could
quickly instill higher trust in the test results and enabled a Single source of truth for experiment based decision making in our organization.

Sr. Director of Finance at An Apparel Retailer

TestSmart has made our lives so much easier. Experiment templates make the process of
creating tests so much quicker and easy to run similar tests over and over again.

VP Of Marketing for An Apparel Company

With a quick and easy implementation, we could enable conducting 10-12 concurrent tests
without any un-readable tests. That was a major challenge for the team earlier and got solved with IA’s TestSmart effectively.

SVP Finance at A Speciality Retailer

Industries that can benefit from TestSmart

Take charge of your business and make smarter decisions! TestSmart is apt for use in a wide variety of settings that can benefit from implementing test and learn methodologies.


Empowering retailers to engineer powerful tests across their business including stores, merchandising, marketing, real estate, and more, in order to drive higher revenue and profitability.


Unravel the power of your business data to make informed promotional, pricing, and marketing decisions across geographies, property types, and staffing levels.


Identify opportunities with suppliers, vendors, and customers, based on data points gleaned from our patent-pending algorithms.  Measure inventory, shipping, promotions, and more to dial up your results, and drive improved ROI across the business.

Conduct robust experiments in no time with Test and Learn tech

Leverage our AI and Machine Learning-powered, next-gen test and learn platform to create, measure, and monitor tests, and drive high revenue. Reduce time to action, and minimize errors in building and analyzing in-store, merchandising, and marketing tests. Redeploy resources to better fit your business needs, and strategic requirements. Using IA’s TestSmart is an apt way to grow your business.

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We support our clients in leveraging their data to adapt to changing conditions, drive bottom-line growth and ultimately, future-proof their business.

Deep commitment

Fearless dedication to innovation

Results oriented

Witness real dollar impact in 8 weeks

Simply different

Workflows and quick configuration ability

Industry experts

Solution for retailers, configured by retailers

NextGen Test and Learn platform

Leverage our Test & Learn platform that creates, measures & monitors tests rapidly within 15 mins. TestSmart allows users to create unique and statistically sound tests without manual intervention and thus making it different from MarketDial and Mastercard APT.

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