AI-driven Price Optimization Software

Get an end-to-end pricing software that is different from Revionics, DemandTec, and Clear Demand. Try PriceSmart – the first AI-powered platform to ensure pre-season, in-season, lifecycle pricing and clearance strategy for margin maximization.

PriceSmart Advantage

This affordable Revionics substitute leverages AI to drive decisions on initial, promotional, and clearance pricing to achieve your business objectives.

Retail Price Optimization
Retail Price Optimization

Optimized Lifecycle Pricing

Optimized prices for every product, at every stage of its lifecycle, tailored by region, channel, customer, and more. Take lifecycle pricing decisions with real-time monitoring and get accurate and fast insights, with Clear Demand substitute - PriceSmart.

Easy Integration

Ensure seamless workflow integration with your data warehouse, marketing calendars, and other applications with PriceSmart. Get real-time outlet, in-season, pre-season, and clearance strategy recommendations, different from Revionics.

Clearance Strategy

For clients that deploy outlets and secondary sales channels, our retail price optimization tools determine the right timing for retiring products and for moving them into secondary channels. And machine learning and artificial intelligence work to optimize initial pricing and discounts and markdowns over the lifecycle of the product.

Outlet Pricing and Secondary Channels

Our automated retail pricing software takes merchant and planner emotion out of the markdown equation. We use seasonal timing and sales curves, price elasticity, price-points/markdown breaks, and frequency of markdowns to develop an optimized markdown solution. We then give you the ability to tailor that output to fit your markdown budget with scenario planning.


Sales cannibalization can often get hard to measure. Most companies can only guess at the impact of their promotions. PriceSmart - the most robust retail pricing software, solves this problem by automatically identifying cannibalized items, measuring their impact on past campaigns, and executing that analysis to future campaign forecasts.

PriceSmart Features

Learn how our AI-powered retail price optimization software takes all variables into account and increases your store’s sales with actionable insights and uncovers omnichannel pricing strategies that are different from DemandTec.

Agile forecasting

Dynamic forecasting through a patent-pending COVID-adjusted model, which accounts for historical data and current trends in consumer behavior to make accurate predictions about future sales at each store location.


Cluster/group your stores as per “like locations” for personalized promotion and markdown optimization programs – all-in-one place and different from Clear Demand.

Scenario Planning

Facilitates modeling various pricing options over specific time periods and fast quantification of the impact, unique from DemandTec.

Test & Control

Ability to create both store and customer level tests using several key performance indicators and metrics that provide actionable insights

See PriceSmart in action

Explore how our clients are identifying optimal cadence to achieve the highest GM with stipulated clearance and higher than anticipated ROI generation, with profitable customer-centric pricing and promotions enabled through our retail pricing software.

Retail Price Optimization

Explore Promo Calculator

An interactive tool which helps you optimize promotion lift that you need to keep your gross margin dollars stable.

Retail Price Optimization

Here's why our clients trust us

PriceSmart helped us add millions to our bottom-line by optimizing our markdown cadence. We now have the ability to simulate multiple scenarios with a click and choose the best one.

Pricing Lead, Global House of Fashion Brands

Before PriceSmart, we were using excel sheets for making pricing decisions, we didn’t have the ability to see what was happening across the board. Now PriceSmart gives us a definitive data-backed answer that is optimized for us. It is like a crystal ball.

Pricing Analyst, Fashion Brand Outlets

By utilizing PriceSmart we were able to leverage promotional price elasticity to improve our promo effectiveness leading to 400 basis point improvement within 30 days of implementation.

Head of Pricing and Promotion Management, large US grocery chain.

We were able to track our competitors’ prices and arrive at the right price point for elastic as well as inelastic SKUs by implementing PriceSmart. PriceSmart helped us to boost our bottom-line in no time.

VP Pricing, leading US Coffee chain

Industries that have benefited from PriceSmart

Your data and our advanced AI-powered retail pricing model create a price optimization software that’s unique to your industry.


Ensure accurate promotions and prevent markdowns across the entire lifecycle for greater customer engagement.


Ensure location-specific pricing for profitable and customer-focused pricing and promos.


Dynamic pricing structure backed by advanced demand forecasts and intelligent insights.

Drive Retail Price Optimization with clarity

PriceSmart - AI-driven price optimization software to automate your pre-season, in-season, and clearance pricing strategies for margin maximization and inventory sell-through. Our lifecycle pricing framework ensures true margin estimation by providing impactful and revenue-generating outlet pricing recommendations.

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NextGen Retail Pricing platform

Our retail price optimization framework ensures true margin estimation by providing impactful and revenue-generating omnichannel pricing recommendations. PriceSmart automates your pre-season, in-season, lifecycle pricing and clearance strategy for full-price sell-through, by applying unique strategies that are different from Revionics, DemandTec, and Clear Demand.

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