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Streamline and optimize your pricing strategies. Set prices, allocate costs, and monitor profitability—all with real-time data. Respond to demand triggers with AI- and ML-driven price management software.

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Features & Benefits

What Sets Our Price Management Software Apart?

Synchronize Omnichannel Prices

Ensure consistent pricing across all sales channels—online, in-store, and mobile—by synchronizing prices in real time to provide a seamless customer experience.

Forecast with Predictive Pricing Analytics

Utilize predictive analytics to forecast market trends and demand fluctuations, enabling proactive pricing decisions that enhance profitability.

Develop Customizable Pricing Strategies

Develop and implement tailored pricing strategies for different product categories, regions, or customer segments, allowing for greater flexibility and targeted pricing initiatives.

Segment and Target Customers Effectively

Segment customers based on behavior, preferences, and purchasing history to deliver personalized pricing and offers that boost customer loyalty and sales.

Key Parameters

Why Choose Impact Analytics Price Management Software?


Monitor total revenue and profit margin changes post-implementation to assess the impact of price management strategies on financial growth.

Win Rates

Compare win rates on generated quotes to evaluate if optimized pricing increases deal profitability.

Measure Customer

Track customer feedback on pricing fairness and transparency, alongside churn rates, to measure the effectiveness of pricing strategies on customer retention.

Pricing Attributes
and Rules

Tailor pricing strategies using Line/Size/Brand/Good-Better-Best rules, ensuring consistent application and optimal response to cost and competitor price changes.

Monitor Pricing

Monitor instances of pricing errors and deviations to ensure consistent and accurate pricing aligns with set strategies.

Industry Applications

Price Management Software: Industry Use Cases

Maximize profits by implementing dynamic pricing strategies that respond to real-time market conditions. Optimize promotional campaigns and personalize pricing for your customers, driving sales and enhancing customer loyalty. Tackle inventory challenges and stay competitive with precise, data-driven pricing.

Boost revenue with real-time room rate adjustments based on seasonality, local events, and competitor pricing. Enhance revenue management systems to optimize occupancy and maximize profits. Design and price packages effectively—increase bookings and customer satisfaction with tailored offers to your specific customer segment.

Maximize revenue by analyzing price elasticity and adjusting prices to meet customer demand. Develop differentiated pricing strategies for various sales channels. Adjust prices throughout the product lifecycle to maintain market share and maximize profit.

Ensure profitability with cost-plus pricing strategies that account for cost fluctuations and market demand. Predict customer demand accurately and adjust prices to balance your inventory. Tailor contract pricing for clients and offer volume discounts and loyalty incentives to drive long-term partnerships.

Stay competitive with prices that interest your customers—and ensure profitability. Optimize promotional offers and discounts to increase sales without eroding margins. Adjust shelf prices in response to competitor actions, climate shifts, and holidays.

Optimize markdown timing and depth to clear inventory while preserving margins. Set competitive prices for new collections based on trend analysis and consumer preferences. Adjust prices seasonally, considering demand variations and inventory turnover, ensuring a profitable product lifecycle.

Dynamically adjusting prices in response to market changes and competitor actions. Streamline decision-making processes to minimize stockouts and maximize margins, ensuring a more efficient and profitable supply chain.

Enterprise-Ready: High-Performing and Highly Scalable

Our demand forecasting software’s seamless scalability, bulletproof reliability, and easy integration make it ideal for enterprise applications.

Virtually Unlimited Scalability

Our AI technology engine runs more than one million ever-improving machine learning models for the most-accurate forecasts anywhere—with unlimited scalability across users, stores, SKUs, regions, and more.

Unmatched Performance

Pick a measure, any measure—forecasting accuracy, raw data digested, return on investment—and you’ll find Impact Analytics at the forefront.

Focused on Innovation and Customer Service

It’s no surprise we’re the youngest company in the top 100 of Fortune’s 2023 list of the Most Innovative Companies in America—and the only one in our space on the list at all.


Security, Compliance, and Privacy


SOC 2 Type 2 Certified

Guarantees high-level security standards, audited by a third-party, for robust data safety.


GDPR and CCPA Compliance

Meets strict data privacy laws, ensuring user data protection and legal adherence.


Annual Penetration Testing and Auditing

Preempts vulnerabilities and fortifies against cyber threats.

Over a Decade of Optimization Experience






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Gross margin

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is price management?

Price management is the strategic process of setting, optimizing, and controlling product or service prices to maximize profitability and market competitiveness. It involves analyzing market trends, customer behavior, and competitive pricing.

What are the benefits of price management software?

Price management software automates pricing processes, providing accurate and data-driven price adjustments. It increases profitability, improves competitive positioning, and enhances decision-making and operational efficiency.