Intelligent and automated
merchandise financial planning

Develop intelligent, forecast driven merchandise financial plans and manage Open-to-Buy budgets efficiently.

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PlanSmart Advantage

PlanSmart leverages ADA powered AI/ML based long range forecasts to generate merchandising financial plans at multiple levels of product hierarchy. Also, generates optimized plans based on key constraints and strategic objectives.

Merchandise Financial Planning

Easy Comparison

Comparisons with OP, LY, and other plans to gauge the variance and plan as per the Go-To-Market strategy.

Boost Productivity

Move from static spreadsheets to scenario modeling, budgeting, forecasting, and revenue planning with a solution that leverages unlimited data and AI.

Optimized Plans

Generate optimized plans based on key constraints and strategic objectives (Target GM, EOP/BOP, ST, Choice Counts, etc.)

PlanSmart Features

We maximize the potential of our users by automating repetitive calculations, leveraging machine learning to identify patterns.

Scenario Planning

Create multiple what-if scenarios to finalize the best plan and create versions for each scenarios for easy comparison and decision-making.

Pre-Season & In-season planning

Plan well in advance of a season, 6-month or 1 year and also plan within the season with robust In-season planning module that gets auto-updated based on most recent re-forecasted data.

Master Plan

Have a single source of truth across organisation to increase transparency and accuracy.

Planning Flexibility

Planning flexibility across channels, regions & product hierarchy. Improves the quality and efficiency of the planning by enabling omni-channel visibility.

Top-down & Bottom-up plans

Flexibility to build plans at higher hierarchies and trickle them down or aggregate plans from the most granular levels – enables plans to automatically percolate through the product hierarchy to have one source of truth.


Take snapshots of the masterplan for future reference and comparison.

Implementation of PlanSmart takes less than 8 weeks.


Intake current plans, inventory, orders, external demand drivers to create an AI/ML based long range demand forecast


Leveraging AI driven demand forecasts, generate merchandising financial plans at multiple levels of product hierarchy to obtain strategic objectives


Carefully monitor sales relative to plan, and actively adjust using ML modeling and overlays. Manage open-to-buy budgets efficiently


Typical deployment is category by category, including training on new toolsets and processes

IA’s smart AI-powered

predictive analytics

benefitting retailers in 


Increase in GM


Improved forecasting accuracy


Increase in planner productivity


Reduction in clearance

See PlanSmart in action

Explore how our clients are keeping their financial plans and open-to-buy controls firmly in place to achieve margin growth and inventory investment goals.

Merchandise Financial Planning

Here's why our clients trust us

With PlanSmart we were able to achieve our financial targets by strategically developing merchandise financial plans .

Chief Merchandising Officer for an apparel company

PlanSmart made it very easy for us to plan, track, and manage financial forecasts and develop merchandise financial plans all in one place with just a few clicks.

VP Planning for a Footwear retailer

PlanSmart allowed us to determine the opportunities that exist at a macro level and helped us to align our plans with growth and margin targets.

Director Merchandising & Planning for an apparel retailer

The implementation of PlanSmart helped us to proactively monitor any deviations from the budget target and has significantly contributed to the improvement of our margins..

Head of Buying for a Global fashion brand

Industries that can benefit from PlanSmart

Drive effective merchandise financial planning across your business to ensure 360-degree visibility, support digital transformation, and act as a catalyst for data-driven decision-making to drive improved performance across the business.


Empowering retailers to quickly analyze, optimize and reimagine complex decisions for merchandising.


Achieve efficiency and resilience by identifying merchandise risks and opportunities.


Identify rapidly changing customer demands and unprecedented uncertainties for faster growth and customer satisfaction.


Get detailed information on the latest trends in the market, technology, and how your peers are solving their biggest financial planning challenges IA’s advanced merchandise planning solutions.

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Merchandise Financial Planning

Driving ROI through

AI Powered Insights

We are led by a team with deep industry expertise . We believe in “Better decisions with AI” as the center of our products and philosophy, and leveraging this to empower your organization

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