Impact Analytics featured in Gartner®

Market Guide for Retail Merchandise
Financial Planning, 2023

Gartner features Impact Analytics PlanSmart in its Market Guide for Retail Merchandise Financial Planning

In today’s world, it has become extremely important that retailers are able to map their financial targets to their merchandise sales plans. When it comes to merchandise financial planning, retailers are moving away from traditional, manual, and reactive approaches that often result in an overflow of inventory or lack of stocks across seasons, hurting both profitability and customer satisfaction. With the ability to simplify, localize and optimize the merchandise financial planning process, companies are making their strategic planning process more efficient, accurate, and sustainable with AI and ML.

PlanSmart, a leading solution in the market today, enables retailers and brands to:

  • Execute pre-season and in-season planning
  • Gain plan flexibility across channels, regions & product hierarchy
  • Analyze data from a bird’s eye view with a master plan
  • Build top-down and bottom-up financial plans
  • Create multiple what-if scenarios
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Market Guide for Retail Merchandise Financial Planning, March 2023

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We are honored and delighted to be recognized by Gartner as a representative vendor, and this further validates our mission to empower both large and small businesses in achieving true growth, increased profits, and fostering digital-first decision-making through automation and innovation.

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