Impact Analytics recognized in 2022 Gartner®

Market Guide for Retail Assortment Optimization
Applications in Merchandising

IA’s AssortSmart for merchandise assortment planning is featured in Gartner’s latest report.

As retailers try to keep pace with consumer demand and cross-channel purchasing behaviors, analyzing the previous year’s data is not going to cut it. To buy the right products months in advance and keep assortments personalized, leading retailers are using AI and Machine Learning to vastly improve critical business processes like Assortment Planning.

AssortSmart, the most advanced solution in the market today, enables retailers and brands to:

  • Build profitable, localized store and channel assortments, driven by artificial intelligence
  • Bring advanced predictive analytics into the planning process to automate, speed, and yield optimal result
  • Harness the art and science of buying through a powerful and user-friendly assortment tool
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Read more in Gartner’s market guide that defines 12 merchandise optimization types and IA’s AssortSmart solution.

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We are honored and delighted to be recognized by Gartner as a representative vendor, and this further validates our mission to empower both large and small businesses in achieving true growth, increased profits, and fostering digital-first decision-making through automation and innovation.

AssortSmart - The #1 Retail Assortment Planning and Optimization tool

Our AI-backed, merchandise assortment planning software provides you with a strategic way to figure out which items will draw in customers and help you sell at any time of year.

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