How an AI based solution helped overcome a struggling post COVID business model, by standardrizing product attributes across multiple brands and eliminating manual processes


With a growing digital presence, this Southern department store was
managing 350k+ products added per year, 50+attributes and 500+tags to
maintain. This expanding product portfolio made them realize the need for
standardized data attributes, improved data quality and better governance structure.
Their yearly addition of 2+Mn products with ~350K active products took 20 mins per product leading to 550 man hours per week with their current manual process. This volume also led to incorrect attribute data an inconsistent metadata for clean catalogs which made them recognize the need to standardize product attributes across multiple brands.

” Attribute$mart will help any organization overcome the obstacles in maintaining and managing good quality product attribute data sets. Robust attribution will drive productivity through advanced analytics and optimizations such as Assortment Planning. This web-based tool will provide an easy, centralized way to manage this process that typically is a struggle “


They achieved rich and standardized product metadata of 50+ Attribute types and 500 + attribute values by implementing. AttributeSmart. Through automated tagging, they realized a quicker time to market and faster product onboarding. By enabling annotation, back-tagging of historical products and review of tags in the least amount of time possible with utmost accuracy, they saw significant savings in productivity of their teams.


By generating a wide set of attributes and values, AttributeSmart not only helped cut down the review time, but also became the singular source of truth into inventory for the company.


reduced operational costs


increase in productivity


accuracy across multiple categories

What's Next

  • Merchandising – Localized assortments with better product mix
  • Improve product discovery and navigation on the website
  • Improve conversions and AOV on e-commerce through SEO ready tags and rich catalog data
Automated Product Tagging
Automated Product Tagging